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After the study visits, partners selected the good practices they wanted to import into their own region. Specific workshops –the Import Workshops– were organized to improve local understanding of the good practices, and how they could be adapted from the “export region” to the “import region”. Thus a series of Import Workshops was organised in the period September 2013 to March 2014. The Import Workshop was a fundamental step for drafting the Regional Implementation Plans, one major outcome of the INVOLVE project, where partners commit to introduce the good practices in their own regions.7

The following list shows which good practices were selected by the partners. By clicking on the partners name you can download the Regional Implementation Plans of the partners.

You can also download the Good Practice Guidelines.



GP 61 Mobility Management at university (EUR)



GP32 public transport between hospitals (Prague)

GP57 Bus terminals at shopping malls (Warsaw)

GP58 public transport in residential areas (Warsaw)



GP40 Station travel Plans (CENTRO)

GP62 Mobility Management Academy (EUR)



GP45 Integrated public transport information system (CENTRO)


Reggio Emilia

GP9 Transport Plans for enterprises (Madrid)


GP52 Mobility Fund (Roermond)

GP60 Mobility Agent (EUR)

GP70 Mobility App for students (EUR)



GP18 Mobility Info point, Kalamaria (Anatoliki) GP20 Bicibus: school travel by bike (Reggio-Emilia)




GP1  Mobility management in an industrial site (traffiQ)

GP12 Public transport in industrial areas (Madrid)

GP19 Electrical Experience (Reggio Emilia)

GP37 Company TravelWise (CENTRO)

GP60 Mobility Agent (EUR)


West Midlands

GP12 Public transport in industrial areas (Madrid)

GP21 Cycling strategy (Reggio Emilia)

GP52 Mobility Fund (Roermond)


GP75 Mobility Integration (Bremen DE)*



GP45 Integrated PT information system (CENTRO)

GP71 Car-sharing (Malmö SE) *



GP21 Cycling strategy (Reggio Emilia)

GP39 Smarter Choices (CENTRO)

GP60 Mobility Agent (EUR)


NEWSLETTER no 3 September 2014

The last phase of INVOLVE has started, with the development of five pilot projects. The third newsletter provides an overview of the pilots implemented by CENTRO (UK), CRTM (ES), ENERGAP (SI), Reggio Emilia (IT) and Roermond (NL).

NEWSLETTER no 3 September 2014